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Liquio Corporation
Liquio Corporation has developed an Internet solution to address the overwhelming corporate demand for accurate real-time supply-chain information. Liquio provides superior barcode labeling, EDI, and supply-chain solutions for industries including retail, manufacturing, distribution, and shipping.

Founded in 2000, Liquio is already acknowledged by industry experts as the technology leader in integrated Internet/EDI labeling solutions. Liquio's solutions generate complex barcoded documents in both ASP/Internet and Client/Server architectures. Whether a company uses stand-alone solutions, enterprise resource planning (ERP), or electronic data interchange (EDI) systems, Liquio has a product to meet the company's labeling needs and requirements. Thus, customers can select the appropriate architecture and customized solution to meet the specific needs of their business model.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, Liquio offers sales and customer support worldwide.

Liquio Corporation
Chicago, IL



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