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LiquioEnterprise™ is an ASP/Internet or Client/Server solution that enables large and medium-size companies to enhance the outbound labeling capabilities of their ERP, WMS or legacy business systems. Outbound labeling is often a complex process because of the variety of labels required (item, carton, case, pallet, special marking, certification, export, etc.), and the variety of data sources. LiquioEnterprise™ addresses the requirements of scalability, security, manageability, and integration, while providing an interface that is easy to use on the shop floor. A true middleware product, LiquioEnterprise™ may be seamlessly integrated with any of the major ERP or WMS packages, supports printers from virtually any manufacturer, extracts data from any major database management system (Oracle, Informix, DB2, Sybase, MS/SQL, etc.), and may be implemented in either a Client/Server or ASP architecture.

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